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How To Be Smart Doing An Eviction in San Francisco Bay Area

Recently, we did an eviction in Oakland dealing with squatters, on the day of the eviction, most inexperienced people are unprepared to deal with the uncontrolled variables of stressful evictions.

First of the all, the mindset is that you might feel sorry for evicting someone. I don’t know why especially if your property is not making you any money; and tenant(s) has stopped paying rent. Or this person is a “Squatter” hell bent on manipulating the laws while costing you thousands of dollars.

Most evictions could be negotiated however people tend to stop communicating with said landlords. Or they just plain get ornery thinking they’re a looser and the owner is a super-rich billionaire devoid of any emotions. Most landlords are modern day people living paycheck to paycheck like others.

On the day of the eviction, the sheriff will only give you minimum help at best, they expect you to be professional, on time and prepared to take possession of the property of the day of eviction.

Here’s a few quick tips to help you if you decide to go it alone on the day of Eviction:

  1. Hire a professional locksmith on the day of eviction. Expect to spend minimum $200 for the time of the locksmith and if he needs to rekey the place you might spend extra.
  2. Be prepared for unruly tenants or squatters that will try to fight you in some cases, get unruly and verbally abuse you.
  3. Be ready to give the sheriff any information regarding eviction to help their safety. For example, if tenant has been acting strangely, weird or volatile. The sheriff needs this information for their safety and yours.
  4. Don’t take it personal. Don’t respond to potential verbal abuse from evicted tenants

Performing an eviction is a smart move for a landlord that has tried to work out an amicable outcome before even arising to this outcome.

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Posted by: Jonathan Fleming on July 25, 2015
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